GER.ARD. Ltd offers a range of services to all its customers by responding any time for any request.

Some of the company’s services are:

– Dismantling of vehicles that are at the end of their life.
– Free transportation of the vehicle that is going to dismantle.
– Spare parts used for vehicles and vans.
– Services karotreci paid.

Services are provided by a qualified staff and the latest technology, offering fast and quality services.
GER.ARD. Ltd is focused on setting personal standards in terms of services that are designed with responsibility to each client and partner.

Oriented professional services, GER.ARD. Ltd will continue to provide services to arrange your car dismantling and recycling car’s waste. Everything is carefully inspected by our staff and within ethical and safety rules. With us you will find the guarantee that your car will not exist after dismantling.

Find us very simple to Bisht Kamez area, where you can pick from the main highway to the Fllak turn, but also you can come from secondary road. Our factory is open for you every moment. If you want we can arrive to take your car with karotrec and not have to worry about its transportation.