About Us


GER.ARD. Ltd offers its professional services since 1999.
The company is part of the Albanian market before getting involved in various trade and various business activities.

For several years the company GER.ARD. Ltd is focused on services dismantling vehicles, used spare parts for cars and also, import and export.

The company owns the necessary equipment and the latest technology to provide the total dismantling of your old car, or your old vehicle. Dismantling is carried out in our facilities.

Also we offer the recycling of the vehicle waste and total protection of the environment. GER.ARD. Ltd offers used spare partsĀ  for all those who want spare parts with the most competitive price possible.

Focused towards maximum responsibility to the environment and the customer by the latest technology, company equity has increased over the years.

Our mission is to continue to provide quality services in the fastest time.